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Homeschooling through the Winter

I am not going to fluff it or lie … I hate winter!

It has really never been my season. Even as a kid… I dreaded the cold. Yes the snow is fun and pretty; but I have always been and always will be a sun and sand kind of girl.

Now that I have got that off my chest … What does our homeschooling in the winter look like? good question !


For those nice winter days where there is snow and it is not too cold; we build snow forts, snow men, go sledding, and this year are trying cross country skiing.

IMG_5035 IMG_5030 IMG_2399

For the other days; when the temperature hits -30 celsius  (and no sadly I am NOT kidding!!!!) We hibernate … and build forts indoors… paint… read… play legos …and get most of our practical written homeschooling work done during this time.

IMG_4982 _MG_9646 

As much as I would be all for complete hibernation … my kids still do their regular activities/workshops and classes … from swim (yes even in the winter time) gym, aikido, music, drama… and other fun stuff!  And we are totally excited to be participating in a brand new co-op this year 🙂


And as much as I hate winter … I try my best not to impose my likes/dislikes on my kids. So 2/3 of my kids love playing outside and spend a good amount of time on nice winter days out paying.


I have to say that I homeschool for so many reasons and many perks… but one of my favourite  winter time perks of homeschooling is; not getting up and waking my kids up to get them to the bus stop before the sun is even up and it is freezing outside. I love that I wake up and I find them doing all sorts of stuff; from art projects, to reading or writing, to playing with legos, or building a cool fort to hide in. 

So this is what our winter homeschooling looks like 🙂


So far this year has been much warmer then last years’ crazy polar vortex … hopefully it will stay milder and we can keep skiing, sledding and building snowmen 🙂

  IMG_5100   IMG_5118

what does your winter homeschooling look like ?



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hello Spring!


snow path

Oh I would love to say it has been nice and lovely … And I would love to say that I will miss you … but lying is not part of my character … I could not be happier! 

I am soooo done with you! I have been  secretly  counting down your days since the first of January. Secretly smiling as each day went by knowing your time was limited.  You were truly an unpleasant guest this time around.  Yes, I am not a fan of yours to start off with.   But this year, lets just say you hit a new low. Starting off in November with negative 20 degrees!? How dare you show your face before Christmas time!! I was not impressed and for the first time I will say neither were my boys, both of whom were complaining that it was either too cold to play outside or too icy to actually enjoy the snow.
We were hit with headlines of “polar vortex” … “colder then mars” and “cold blast ” as well as comparing temperatures to the arctic or North Pole and it being milder there. 
So goodbye ! adios! Ciao! and have a blast in the Southern Hemisphere! Please don’t bother sending a post card …. I still have vivid memories of your windchill to last me quite some time, and please feel free to be late next year.
canadian geese
Hello spring!
baby maple
Welcome! We love you spring !
maple leaves


Valentine’s Day

I am not a fan of holidays that are commercial, but I like the love behind valentine’s day …

love heart pancake

the homemade notes, cards and drawings, the extra hugs, and the finding hearts in everything …

love pancake

We are getting hit with another snow storm today … so I am declaring a ‘snow day’ which means we do exactly what we do every other day … play, read, learn something new … have fun 😉

yes Homeschooling ROCKS! 🙂

backyard snow

I wish you all a great Valentine’s Day filled with love … go and write a special note to someone you love 🙂