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organic coop farm

So once a week, I take the kids, get in the car and drive out to a farm…

IMG_6348 IMG_6705

Not any kind of farm but an organic vegetable farm  🙂


They also grow organic flowers that my kids love picking


we say hello to these little guys one our way to the farm


it is called

Tourne-Sol Co-operative Farm


IMG_6707 IMG_6706

We have been members for a few years now and could not imagine not being members


The first year was a learning experience, as it introduced us to some veggies that we were not familiar with and we experimented with how to cook or prepare them to our liking.


Now every week we look forward  to the surprise of what will be in the basket … and enjoy opening the fridge and looking at what we have to make to eat  in the days that follow.


This coop is run by an awesome group of people, who share my passion about organic food.


So what’s the point?

The grocery store is right around the corner.

Yes, it is, and if you are lucky, maybe it carries some organic produce…


even if it does, isn’t it great to support your local farmer? and get it fresh right from the farm?

IMG_6472 IMG_6466IMG_6448

I strongly encourage you to look up a csa ( community supported agriculture ) nearby …

support your local farmer


and remember if you ate today … thank a farmer 😉

Thanks Frédéric, Reid, Renée, Emily, and Dan ! You guys ROCK!!!


They have the most amazing garlic … mummmmmm

If you have any questions  about being part of a coop let me know …

Also if you belong to one, please share something you love about it~


My only disappointment is that it doesn’t run all year


If you are not as lucky as we are, and have no access to a CSA,

check out your local farmers market;

or grow your own food 🙂



organically obsessed

Today I will talk about my OCD with food

                   organic bananas, grapes and strawberries 

I have a crazy obsession about organic food ( and that is putting it very lightly )

                                    organic apple orchard

My food journey started long ago … having been vegetarian, I was already in a state of heighten awareness as to what I was eating  … and then I got married and we started to try to get pregnant and I suffered many miscarriages and with each loss I  researched everything from food to toxic chemicals around me and cleaning products and well the list doesn’t end…  (will talk about the other stuff in future posts) but for this post I will stick to food.

                                      organic salad

I discovered that food that was not certified organic contained terrible stuff. Chemicals that no one should be near, much less inhale or consume.  This was really scary to me, coming from an italian farmer family… who’s passion was all about gardening,  growing and cultivating foods.

                   yup, that’s me and my dad 

Through 10 + years of personal research, I can no longer walk into a grocery store the same as I did 10 years ago.

The items that are sold in a grocery store are not meant to be eaten, but sadly that is what is sold and that is what people buy. I have weaned myself and my family off of all foods that are not organic… and very importantly GMOs . If you don’t already know what GMOs are, I strongly encourage you to drop everything you are doing and go research it… and I am not kidding… they are extremely dangerous and they are basically hidden in the foods that are sold in your local grocery store. One way to avoid GMOs is to buy certified organic, or look for the non gmo project seal.

                  organic cherry tomatoes

You know the old saying “you are what you eat” … well, you are infact what you eat … the foods that go in your system affect you.

 a few strong quotes that I really like :

“the longer the shelf life the shorter yours ”

“the way we eat has changed more dramatically in the past 50 years than in the previous 10 000 years.”

“you can chose sickcare, or healthcare ”

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”  ~Hippocrates

“Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners.”  ~William Shakespeare

                                organic blueberry muffins
                                 buns in the oven

and go see this comic.. worth a thousand words!

                              raw  organic almonds

No, we do NOT eat out very often … in fact I can probably count the number of times we eat out in a year. We don’t order pizza on a friday night or go to  any fast food restaurants, and YES it isn’t easy … with so many ready to eat meal ideas at the grocery store and so  many conveniently located fast food restaurants … making the choice to eat ‘real’ food is quite challenging. But with small changes every day … they all add up  and help in a big way.

                          at an organic apple orchard 
           boys picking organic apples

Educating my kids about what they eat and the choices they make is very important to me … and seeing all this pay off, when they are offered junk food and they decline to take / eat it is a proud parenting moment for me.

                                         brussel sprouts 

So, yes we are vegetarian … but our diet isn’t just about NOT eating meat but also about eating REAL foods … that do not contain any unwanted stuff.

             homemade veggie burger on homemade bun 

So what do we eat ?  well , we eat loads of greens and vegetables ( kale, spinach, chard, broccolli, carrots,  kholorabi, cauliflower, salad, potatoes, cabbage, and so many more) fruits ( avocadoes, tomaotoes, bananas, and all the other typical fruits ) we also eat LOADS of nuts ( walnuts, cashews, pecans, and my husband makes awesome breakfasts with nuts in muffins and other yummy treats, (will post more awesome stuff my husband cooks in later posts ). we also eat lots of quinoa, pasta  as well as tons of different beans ( chickpeas, black, kidney, lentils, pinto, ect ) .

                          pasta and veggies

Our diet changes seasonly, depending on what is available or in season.

                    organic asparagus 

We are not very main stream,  if you haven’t noticed yet 😉

                       hot oatmeal 

If anything, with this post,  I hope that I have opened your eyes to food and what  you are eating… and if you read this and you have already begun this journey of searching for real food like we have been doing, or if you have “slight” organic ocd like I do 😉  I love connecting with like minded people, so drop me a message 🙂

                             organic green and red apples

go check out my friends’ newest blog about real food recipes here

and this onehealthy family is really awesome as well

please do share your blog if you are a real foodie too 🙂


till next time


the information above is by no means health advice, and I am not a doctor, I am a  MOM and a concerned shopper … and these are my points of view from reaserch that I have done over many, many years.