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so… oh yeah… where was i again? oh, now I remember!

I get the kids going with some school work… and then head off to start doing dishes… then remember I forgot to start the washing machine and take the clothes out of the dryer… while I am on my way to the laundry room … I start to clean up the mess on the floor and realize I should vacuum … at which point I go get the vacuum and think of an email I forgot to reply to earlier that I had started … I go get my phone to reply only to see texts I need to reply to and another email which grabs my attention and sends me off  web surfing for then next 22.5 minutes, after reading an article about ‘better time management skills’ 😉 to which I finally snap out of it and say…

What was I doing again?!


Oh yes, the laundry! …

I start walking back to the laundry room and on my way answer the phone ,  then help one of the kids with their school work and then get side tracked by a naked two year old clapping as she just went pee in the potty all by herself  … to which I throw a big celebration party for the next 45 seconds!

YEAH!!!! hip hooray!!!  woohoooooo…

Okay, now where was I going ?!

Now I need to go get some clothes for the naked 2 year old … run upstairs only to find a mess on the floor in all my kids rooms so I start to pick it up … and remember that I need to do a TON of laundry …

Oh yeah, laundry; that’s right! … let me go get that started…

Head back towards the laundry room only to realize it is garbage day and I need to go bring the garbage out and to the curb, before the garbage truck passes … on my way there, at the corner of my eye I spot a teeny tiny rainbow and some pretty   flowers growing , drop the garbage to go grab my camera and take  pictures ( somehow I do not get side tacked from doing this 😉


Delegate the job of the garbage to my 7 y.o. ( who not surprisingly gets side tracked himself with his own stuff)  but the garbage miaraculusly does end up at the curb somehow.


I head back inside towards the laundry room again … only to  bombarded by 3 kids begging to go in the pool… oh yes, pool !!! that sounds like a great idea! let’s go! …

and here I am sitting by the pool … enjoying the sun and watching my kids….

What was I supposed to do again?

Oh yeah; laundry, dishes, clean … UGH !


Those things can always wait!  and those things are always there… I mean let’s be realistic, I have 3 kids and  2 dogs ( and a husband too 😉 ) … the laundry will never be done… nor will the other stuff…  and yes they do get done at some point … and I do relish that 2.5 seconds when the laundry is all done 😉

And no it’s not that I lost my brain with having kids… it’s that I have a million thoughts to process  and things to do  … and that is my story  and I am sticking to it… while I sit here on my deck soaking up the heat and enjoying the happiness surrounding me!

What was I supposed to do again?


Oh yes… I am doing it 😉

pool side


p.s. this post would probably be 50 times as long if I really included all the stuff that I attempt to do in a day and get side tracked doing or all the thoughts I process  … but I got side tracked while writing this post, so this is what I got 😉

p.p.s this post was written this summer but I got sidetracked with life, and haven’t blogged much … but have a few blog posts in mind, including a vegan scone recipe coming soon.

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summer is in the air :)

Can you feel it ???


Summer is soooo close I can taste it !


and I am bursting with excitement!!!


I love summer  … spring is ok, but summer is in a field all of it’s own…


The long days, late nights, amazing sunsets…


The crazy thunder showers that blow in as quickly as they blow out …


The heat that goes right to your head and makes you giddy and want to take that afternoon nap…


The frozen treats, splash days, pool days, bike rides, flying kites, chalk fun, bubble fun,


sandal wearing, short wearing …


and all those amazing foods grown locally … I mean can it get any better then that ???


Are you a summer person? What do you do in the summertime?


I am grooving to this song lately


the dog days of summer



May summer be hot and sunny with a few thunder showers to help appreciate the sunshine even more 😉