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Christmas wish … Buon Natale

Dear friends and family

Near and far … here and gone ….

Christmas is about love and magic; so  I wish you all a magical love filled Christmas.

May you be with the ones  you love and love you and may you  never forget the ones who once were and will always live on in your heart.

Merry Christmas

Cari amici e familia

Vi auguro un Natale pieno di magia è amore …

Spero che siete circondati di quelli che vi amano e che amate; e che non dimenticherete mai quelli che non ci sono più con noi; ma vivano nel nostro cuore per sempre.

Buon  Natale




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hope for paws

Hope for Paws is an amazing animal rescue organization

they mostly rescue dogs but this donkey rescue was so sweet !

and personally this is one of my favourite dog rescues

here is their site Hope for Paws


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calf elephant in river

this elephant calf rescue in the river is so precious … you see how intelligent these animals are and how solid these herds are , how they keep each other safe and help each other out


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mommy day

I want to wish all you mommies a very happy mommy day!

I hope your little ones drew and wrote you sweet notes… whispered I love yous in your ears and gave you great big hugs and kisses!

and a very special happy mothers day to my mom … I miss you like crazy and I think of you every day

my mom and me

my mom and me as a baby




Valentine’s Day

I am not a fan of holidays that are commercial, but I like the love behind valentine’s day …

love heart pancake

the homemade notes, cards and drawings, the extra hugs, and the finding hearts in everything …

love pancake

We are getting hit with another snow storm today … so I am declaring a ‘snow day’ which means we do exactly what we do every other day … play, read, learn something new … have fun 😉

yes Homeschooling ROCKS! 🙂

backyard snow

I wish you all a great Valentine’s Day filled with love … go and write a special note to someone you love 🙂