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I would like to introduce…

I would like to introduce

2 gray kittens …


no they are not ours … we are fostering them … so they are available for adoption

they are really sweet and cute!

how did this happen ?


Well my kids really wanted a cat … and as much as I love animals … I am not ready to commit to a cat for 15-20 years … and thought this way we could help out and my kids could experience the joys of having a cat or 2 🙂


We don’t really know their story much besides being born to a stray cat and so I want to take this opportunity to say ; please get your cats (and dogs) fixed … please help prevent over population … also please please ADOPT a pet ( don’t buy). There are soooo many animals looking for their forever homes 🙂


More pictures coming soon … as we just got them today and they are just settling in 🙂

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morning and male finches


We have learned that male finches defend  their female mates rather then a nesting area  … and so we observed these 2 males fighting. These are not the best pictures as I was standing on the wrong side with the sun and they are so fast and difficult to capture; but I like the silhouette images.


And a random morning shot from my morning walk today … I am loving this weather 🙂


have a great weekend!


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our new bird friends

We are beyond excited as we have house finch who decided to make their nest in our front yard tree 🙂  here is a shot of the little guy … his whistle is just so lovely to listen to 🙂


Since we learn from what is around us; we are doing a unit study on them and have learned that apparently unlike other birds, Finches are vegetarians; So we think it is very ironic that they chose our tree since we are vegetarian / vegan  LOL  🙂

Oh and they love picking up our dogs fur to build their nest  (although apparently only the female actually builds the nest) … I bet they will have the softest nest ever!


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END Elephant poaching

please spread the word

end elephant poaching!

they are being poached for ivory and their meat … so if there is no demand then no poaching! the power is in our hands !

we must protect these amazing animals!



a robin story continues

So I mentioned here that I have a robin family who decided to set up right by my window in an evergreen tree

male robin

well it seems that the mommy robin has had her eggs sometime in the last 24 hours

female on nest

I have not had a chance to see how many exactly, but I got a glimpse and can see that there are indeed eggs in there now

this is a really bad picture but you can see the light blue egg

robin egg

A clutch consists of three to five light blue eggs, and is incubated by the female alone. The eggs hatch after 14 days,”  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_robin

so now we wait 2 weeks 🙂


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calf elephant in river

this elephant calf rescue in the river is so precious … you see how intelligent these animals are and how solid these herds are , how they keep each other safe and help each other out




So last year I had the cutest sparrow come visit me at my window, you can find the post here

This spring I just noticed today that I have a american robin … or rather a robin family with a nest right by my window…


s/he keeps looking inside and right at me 🙂


These are not the best pictures as I had the screen up … but I have removed the screen and removed the curtain and hope to catch some amazing shots of the family, and hoping they have eggs and babies soon 🙂

robin nest

I am pretty sure this is the female … she has a muddy beak and seems to be building the nest still

of course I will be taking advantage of this situation by making a homeschooling project 🙂


I am pretty certain this is the male … he is the one always keeping an eye on me 🙂



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stop supporting zoos, circuses and seaworld

IMG_2708 It’s my birthday today… and so I have decided to write about something that is very close to my heart and that I want to advocate.

I ask that you please STOP and think before you spend your money on the circus, the zoo, or sea world/marine land!

Yes, it is sooo tempting… what a fun way to spend the day , walking aimlessly around a zoo seeing animals from all corners of the world… kangoroos, tigers, lions, maybe elephants or monkeys…

or how exciting to go see a circus filled with amazing acts …. elephants forced to almost stand on their heads … lions forced  to jump threw hoops of fire … (ummm do you honestly think these animals are happy doing these acts? ) and have you seen how they train these animals to these these acts?

STOP and think for a second… do you think that elephant is happy in that small enclosure spending it’s days in the hot sun shine thousands of miles aways from it’s family that is so misses … in a climate that it probably doesn’t like and yes elephants do remember and miss their family/herd.

There are many alternatives to zoos and circuses …

First off, if you are looking for a show, then consider a play where your child could be inspired to go into acting … or consider a circus with NO animals such as the very famous cirque du soleil , that is beyond mesmerizing. Your kids will be amazed at the acts.

As for zoos… yes it is amazing to see animals… and there are so many places that you can go and support with your money such as sancutaries that take in animals from circuses or that were hurt or born in captivity and can not be released in the wild…and these sanctuaries usually offer a more intimate animal experience where you can interact with the animals 😉 rather then just stare at them threw a cage.

There are also farm sanctuaries that would be great to support… see the point here is that if even a small portion of people would stop spending money at the establishment then they would be casting a vote for the world they want by not supporting them with their money … and in tern the zoo / circus would start to struggle and would end up having to close it’s doors.

Here are some links to places that would be awesome to visit and support with your money









If you have other places to add to my list, please post in the comments below … would be great to have a collection of sanctuaries  from around the world to visit and support… also I am sure there are many many more… as you just need to take the time to research one nearby

Please keep this in mind as it is VERY POWERFUL…

EVERY dollar you spend or DON’T spend is a vote you cast for the world you want! 

so (don’t) spend WISELY !

I started writing this post and then the whole Blackfish story came out… and I want to add a note about sea world … what a SAD,  sad  place … and what a sad thing to do such incredible creatures. They come from the ocean … the wide open sea, only to be trapped and taken into a small tank and then be forced to perform for an audience that pays money to watch them.  I am not sure how the trainers and people that do this sleep at night… but I have seen interviews of former employees who feel terrible for what they did.

You can see the trailer here ( please note that it is sad and disturbing )


another movie that I can suggest is The Cove , it is all about dolphins

you can see the trailer here  ( once again be forewarned as it is very disturbing )


take the pledge as I have  … pledge to stop supporting these places!

a side note…

I recently had a small exchange with a stranger who was defending her stance for taking her kids to the zoo… if the zoo didn’t exist she would probably never have seen an elephant or lion in person she said … and this statement made me sooo mad.

I mean did seeing that elephant in that small enclosure change her life for the better? Is she now richer? Smarter? Healthier? Better off in any sense for this experience? The answer is no! But that elephant …well,  that poor elephant is paying with his/ her life … which is so sad and heartbreaking to me. I mean is her life that meaningless that  it is worth keeping her in a cage for the enjoyment of a human being to walk by for 5 minutes and see her ? This is not a humane way to treat any living thing.


I thank you for taking the time to read my birthday animal advocacy statement … and I wish you all peace