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animal testing

why I do not support companies that test on animals …

Organically Conscious

I am strongly apposed to animal testing .

Quite frankly I am apposed to the fact that a product would even need to be tested on animals. To see what? If it kills the animal? If it makes it sick? If it turns the animal blue? Seriously, why would I want to buy, say a lipstick, which contains chemicals that are so foreign to a human that they are needed to be literally injected into the eye ball of a rabbit to see what effect it would have?

My rule is; if I  don’t know the ingredient then I  don’t want it on my body or in my body and even more so if the ingredient needs to be tested… then I don’t even want that ingredient in the same zip code as me!

Leave the animals alone and how about instead of making toxic products companies take a different stance and make natural organic ones that…

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a pink ice cream pie

My daughter turned 4 last week; and she requested a pink treat.

So I came up with this:  banana raspberry ice cream pie / cake

Before you start you want to peel and freeze bananas at least 8 … I like to freeze them for about 4 hours … otherwise they get rock hard frozen and are harder to blend into a smooth ice-cream ( but this would depend on your freezer )

Then you want to make the crust and throw that in the freezer as well

Crust ingredients  ( place the following in a food processor and mix well )

  • 2 cups of pecans
  • 2 table spoons of coconut oil
  • a handful cashews
  • and a pinch of vanilla
  • some maple syrup or dates to sweeten  ( I added a little of both )

Check for the consistency … you want to be able to shape it and not for it to crumble … so if it is too soft add more nuts… if too crumbly add some coconut  oil or maple syrup. (but be carful as just a teaspoon can be all you need )

Shape into small pies for individual servings or a big pie and place in freezer for an hour or more.

Once the bananas are ready blend them with frozen raspberries.  I love the taste  of this ; as the bananas are sweet and the raspberries take the sweetness down. I usually add enough raspberries  so that it is not too  sweet … probably about 1 – 2 cup full of raspberries

Once blended  take the pie crust out … fill it up and place it back in the freezer for a bit to get the ice-cream filling to harden a little…

and the you are all set 🙂



I had extra ice-cream left over which was delicious without the crust as well.


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a mailbox in the middle of nowhere

Feeling very melancholy lately;
I know it is that time of the year for me.
Missing my parents like crazy.
Often daydreaming of what life would be;
to have them here with me.