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quizzing homeschoolers


As a homeschool mom I spent a couple of years completely freaked out that my kids had to be ahead of the average kid the same age but in school. This was mostly brought on by exterior factors, as I have encountered many people over the years questioning my kids and what they know. I find it rather funny, as one would not likely say hey kid your in grade 2 , so do you know addition ?… really, what is 4+5?

Yet it seems funny to me that people, mostly complete strangers, think it is appropriate to test a homeschool kid.

I am finally happy to say that I have thrown it all out the window in the last year or so. I think it took seeing my kids get to where they are for me to realize that I really don’t care where they ought be as they are exactly where they should be !

My oldest who is 8, thinks it is kind of amusing when people quiz him … I think it is rather amusing when he starts talking about stuff that the person has no clue about, for example animals the person has never heard of  such as a yeti crab, the environment and the major problems going on with it, or the the eruption of Krakatoa  ( just to name a few examples) … love the reaction from the people when they are amazed.

So the next time you come a across a homeschooler, don’t quiz them on what you think they should know or where you think they should be at … have a conversation with them instead, you might be surprised and actually learn a few things from them 😉

have a great weekend!




Author: sweetbellavita

a dash of motherhood… a sprinkle of homeschooling… and a pinch of photography ( with a side of compassion )

10 thoughts on “quizzing homeschoolers

  1. Nicely written. Having a conversion with a homeschool kid is the best way to know how much they know 🙂

  2. What a creative response from your 8-year-old! Love it. 🙂 I’m glad I haven’t bumped into any of this type of person yet in my homeschooling journey…

  3. Some homeschooling friends have told me that friends/family/strangers try to quiz the children to prove what they know (or really, don’t know, so they can argue against home ed!) and personally I find it really inappropriate. I’m not sure how I’d react next time if people did that to my children! My 9yo might get the state capitals mixed up now and then but he will tell you all about nuclear fusion in detail!

    • oh yes I have gotten that sense from people when they have quizzed; like they were ready to argue with me.
      But honestly I have not yet had that happen, whenever my kids have been quizzed ( more so my oldest ) the person has been left sort of surprised and speechless… and actually a couple of times they have said , wow!
      which made me smile and even laugh.

      but yes completely Inappropriate!!!

      and as for your son, I would totally not worry about him getting anything mixed up, because I bet he is brilliant 🙂
      and honestly who doesn’t get capitals and states and even countries mixed up sometimes?! I certainly do

  4. Nobody has ever given us a spot quiz yet. I love your boys response.

  5. I’ve never really had any one quiz my kids, thankfully, but I think you are completely right. Who decides what is a kid is meant to know anyway! 😛 sheesh. ha.

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