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Jade’s TED talk

I have mentioned Jade Beall in  this  previous post

And she did a Ted Talk about body diversity… and it really resonates with me… on so many levels. Having survived anorexia as a teenager … and having become a mom. Her words and her pictures really speak to my soul.

here is her talk

we need more people like this changing views in the world… views about people, animals and the earth 🙂

thanks Jade!




really easy vegan milkshake

I usually make smoothies with an assortment of stuff in them… but I was craving something really light and fun …

I used hemp milk and bananas!

oh and to get really fancy a dash of cinnamon 😉

vegan milkshake ingredients

I suggest tossing in a couple of ice cubes to make it cooler

vegan milkshake

totally amazing light and simple!

vegan milkshake

hope you have a fantastic week!



homeschool weekly photo challenge ~ health

The Canadian Homeschooler is doing a weekly photo challenge  … the theme this week is ‘health

Homeschool Weekly Photo Challenge | The Canadian Homeschooler
what a great topic ! we talk a lot about health related stuff…
especially food… as we feel food is the centre of health
my kids know all about the difference between organic food and non organic food and all about GMOs
this is a fun picture of some organic fruit 😉
IMG_6549 IMG_6552


lego quest 2 ~ time

The Canadian Homeschooler has this lego quest challenge going on with a new theme every month … every one around the world is welcome to join in and show their creations …

Lego Quest II | thecanadianhomeschooler.com

the theme for March  is “time

lego clock

my son built this “grandfather clock” with a lego man peeking out to say hello every hour 😉

lego clock

along with a clock face with the numbers 12, 3, 6, and 9

lego clock

a back view of where the lego person peeks out from

lego clock

along with a pendulum at the bottom

lego clock

lego clock


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hello Spring!


snow path

Oh I would love to say it has been nice and lovely … And I would love to say that I will miss you … but lying is not part of my character … I could not be happier! 

I am soooo done with you! I have been  secretly  counting down your days since the first of January. Secretly smiling as each day went by knowing your time was limited.  You were truly an unpleasant guest this time around.  Yes, I am not a fan of yours to start off with.   But this year, lets just say you hit a new low. Starting off in November with negative 20 degrees!? How dare you show your face before Christmas time!! I was not impressed and for the first time I will say neither were my boys, both of whom were complaining that it was either too cold to play outside or too icy to actually enjoy the snow.
We were hit with headlines of “polar vortex” … “colder then mars” and “cold blast ” as well as comparing temperatures to the arctic or North Pole and it being milder there. 
So goodbye ! adios! Ciao! and have a blast in the Southern Hemisphere! Please don’t bother sending a post card …. I still have vivid memories of your windchill to last me quite some time, and please feel free to be late next year.
canadian geese
Hello spring!
baby maple
Welcome! We love you spring !
maple leaves


Happy St. Patty’s Day

“May your glass be ever full.
May the roof over your head be always strong.
And may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead.”

“May you have warm words on a cold evening,
a full moon on a dark night,
and the road downhill all the way to your door .”

lego shamrock

lego shamrock

and one last one

“wherever you go and whatever you do,
may the luck of the irish be there with you.”

happy st. patty’s day !